Did you know that your Springfield MO plumbers are on standby to assist you with all of your plumbing needs? That includes your vacation prep list! Whether you are planning a two-week vacation or a summer abroad, it is important to prepare your home for the stint of time when nobody will be watching for potential plumbing disasters. If you are a homeowner, you likely already know how unpredictable your home appliances and pipes can be. Leave all of your worries at home when you embark on your next journey to new places. Use this checklist to ensure everything will be just as you left it before you take off. If you run into a plumbing emergency as your work your way through this list, don’t worry! Your Springfield MO plumbers over at Roto-Rooter offer 24-hour emergency services at no extra charge than our normal operating hours.

Turn your water completely off.

To save a buck while on vacation, many travelers opt to turn their water heater down. This is due to the fact that nobody will be home to enjoy a hot shower or run the dishwasher. There are a few problems with this money-saving tactic, however. Unless you combine shutting off your water heater with shutting off the main water line as well, you are in jeopardy of coming home to a flood. Turn you main water supply off to avoid a potential leak or burst pipe from causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Once you have turned off the main water supply, take the extra step of draining your pipes. Turn on all of your faucets to allow the remaining water in each line drain out. This added step will help to avoid frozen pipes and drain leaks while you are away. Don’t forget to turn the faucets back off once they are drained.

Clean your drains.

Without the daily flow of water through your kitchen sink, any leftover food particles or partial clogs can begin to cause some pretty unpleasant odors throughout your house. Make your return back home a fresh one by thoroughly cleaning any clogs or food from your drain, prior to leaving for vacation. Another common source for unpleasant odors is the stagnant water left in the toilet bowls for an extended period of time. Prevent this issue from wreaking havoc on your return by simply emptying toilet bowls prior to leaving.

Tend to the landscaping.

We got our start (and our name) from the damage often done to pipes from either inside or outside of our homes. Tree roots are the biggest hazard on sewer lines, because they don’t stop growing even when they reach a road block. Before leaving for your next vacation, make sure to take care of the landscaping. Ensure that roots are not encroaching on your sewer line by creating a barrier between trees and sewer lines. This can be done through the use of slow-release chemicals that will prevent growth in the area. If you are experiencing warning signs, such as frequent clogs, overflowing, and slow-flowing drains, call your Springfield MO plumbers to perform a free inspection.

Drain your outdoor hose and sprinkler system.

No matter what season you are planning your next vacation, make sure your sprinkler system is off and drained. This will prevent a potential leak from occurring while you’re away, saving a bundle on your water bill. Draining the water from your sprinkler system will also prevent freezing from occurring in the winter.

Clear your gutters.

If you live in Missouri, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Rain is not an impossibility at any time of the year, so make sure your gutters can handle the rain while you’re away. Clear your gutters of all debris to prep your roof for the rain. This important step will help you avoid a flooded foundation.

Test your sump pump.

Give your sump pump a quick test by dumping water into it, raising the water level. You will know whether your basement is safe if the pump ejects the water. If your sump pump does not eject the water, or doesn’t do it properly, call your Springfield MO plumbers to schedule a free estimate.

Don’t turn off your pool pump.

As you are making the pre-vacation rounds in your home, you may be tempted to turn off your pool pump. At this point, your water main is likely turned off to save on the water bill, and your water heater is probably off to save on electricity. However, shutting off the pool pump causes algae to build up more easily. Unless you plan to be gone for only a couple of days, it is best to leave this on while you are away. Make sure the pump is set to the most optimal setting prior to leaving so that it runs properly for the duration of your vacation.

Check your appliances.

Prevent mildew and mold (along with the associated odors) by simply draining your dishwasher and washing machine and leaving the doors open to air out prior to your next vacation.

Ask someone to check in while you’re gone.

If you have plants or pets, this may already be on your to-do list. However, don’t skip this step just because you aren’t leaving any live beings behind. The worst feeling is coming home after an extended vacation, only to find a flooded basement or sewer backup that has just been getting more and more out of hand as time passes.

Is it time to call your Springfield MO Plumbers?

As you complete this vacation prep checklist, you may run into a more severe issue lurking just beneath the surface. Better to notice now than to arrive home to a plumbing emergency. Make sure all of your pipes and drains are well-suited for your upcoming time away from home by calling your Springfield MO plumbers. Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service is the industry leader, with only the most trained and professional Springfield MO plumbers. With years of service and expert technicians, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. As your Springfield MO plumbers, we strive to restore your home to its former glory, even after a pipe burst, a clogged pipe, or a water heater failure.