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Roto-Rooter Knows Garbage Disposals


Your home garbage disposal is an important appliance for cooking and cleaning at home. A disposal makes the preparation of meals simple and makes cleaning up afterward a snap. The disposal is integrated into your kitchen sink, so when yours fails, your kitchen may come to a standstill.

Licensed and insured Roto-Rooter experts are available around-the-clock to solve any problem you might have with your garbage disposal. No matter the make or model and whatever the cause of the problem may be, Roto-Rooter professionals are prepared to help. We will provide the equipment and know-how to make the repair or replacement necessary to get your kitchen up and running again.

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Garbage Disposal Installation

The process of installing a garbage disposal is often a relatively simple job, but occasionally the plumbing under the sink may need to be retrofitted to accommodate the installation. Roto-Rooter pros arrive at the job site with every part and tool necessary to properly install your new garbage disposal, no matter what unexpected circumstances may arise.

Garbage Disposal Repair

1.Turn off the electric circuit breaker for your kitchen, and test the disposal by flipping the on-switch to ensure the disposal is not receiving power.

2.After ensuring the disposal is powered off, use a flashlight and a pair of needle nose pliers to look into the top of the disposal and check for obstructions. If there is an obstruction in the disposal, use the pliers to remove it. Common obstructions are utensils, bottle caps, and plastic items.

3.Once you have removed the obstruction, turn on the electric circuit breaker, run water in the sink, and flip the on switch to see if the disposal runs properly.

This quick fix may not always solve the problem, but it is often worth a try.

Sometimes a more complicated repair is necessary, possibly requiring the removal or replacement of plumbing fittings associated with the garbage disposal unit. Whether the problem is large or small, the expert technicians at Roto-Rooter will make short work of the problem so you can have your kitchen back in running order.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

If your garbage disposal is broken and cannot be repaired, our technicians will be ready to install a replacement disposal right away. We arrive at the job site with every tool, every replacement part, and the know-how to repair or replace your disposal on the first visit. We value the comfort and quality of life of your home, so we arrive ready and prepared to handle whatever problem arises the right way, the first time.