Every once in a while you may have to reach out and get some professional clogged drain repair service, but if you take care of your drains the frequency of calling in a pro can be reduced. Drains are largely ignored until something goes wrong, which of course, is the reason why something goes wrong!

Taking a few simple steps can help you to avoid clogged drains. Your drains need some TLC every once in a while to ensure they keep functioning as they should.

Caring for Your Drains

There are several critical mistakes that people make with their drains that result in having to put a call into the 24/7 plumber. If you avoid these mistakes you can enjoy worry-free drain operation. If you already have a clogged drain, professional clogged drain repair service can take care of the problem.

Once the problem is taken care of you can follow these tips for keeping your drains free of clogs:

  • Do not pour cooking grease down your kitchen drain
  • Do not flush anything but human waste and toilet paper
  • Make sure all of your shower and bathtub drains have screens to catch hair and other debris
  • The kitchen drain is no place for food scraps or bits of plastic from food wrappers
  • Do not use over the counter drain cleaning products

Any professional clogged drain repair service will let you know that clogged drains do not just happen. A lot of people make the mistake of putting things down their drains that cause the problem. Grease and oil will solidify in your pipes and clog the drain. Avoid putting cooking oils, grease or fats down your kitchen drains.

The Toilets

Your commode needs care. Flushing anything but human waste and toilet paper is a threat to your drain. People often “flush” things that they would not try to get down other drains in their homes. Your toilet’s drain is larger than other drains but you still cannot flush anything down it that you would not consider flushing down any other drain.

Hair Can Be A Big Problem

Be sure that you use special screens in the drains of your bathtubs and showers to catch the human hair that is shed during bathing. Over time hair can build up along with body washing and hair washing products and become a terrible clog.

Check for Leaks

While a dripping faucet typically does not back up the drain, it does waste a lot of water and can make your clog harder to deal with. 10% of homes have leaks and they waste about 90 gallons of water each day. A leak and clog are not a good combination!

If Your Drain Becomes Clogged

If your drain does become clogged do not use over the counter drain cleaners. They can be caustic to pipes and in some cases make the clog worse. Try a couple of pots full of boiling water to break up the clog. If that does not work call for professional drain cleaning services to rid your pipes of the clog!